Vajrasattva Statue

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  • Vajrasattva, known in Tibetan asDorje Sempa, is the bodhisattva associated with the indestructible primordial purity of the mind. His 100-syllable mantra is a well-known skillful means to purify our negative habits.
  • Known as thelost wax process of bronze casting, the Newari tradition of statue making dates back to the Licchavi period (300-800 C.E.)Frequently called to share their statue making skills throughout Central Asia, there is even historical evidence that Newari artisans were recruited by the Mongolian court of Khublai Khan.

    This tradition of statue manufacturing has remained largely unchanged since ancient times. Unfortunately, it has come under pressure with the reduced manufacturing costs of machine produced replicas. However, in Nepal this traditional art form has remained largely unchanged. The cooperative,A Group of Shakyas, consist of Newari artisans that are the direct heirs of this rich spiritual and cultural tradition.

    Based in Patan, Nepal, the cooperative's mission is to produce high-quality statues, with attention to detail throughout the casting, carving, and finishing processes. The cooperative is headed by Roshan Shakya and his family members. The Shakya family are students ofChökyi Nyima Rinpoche and collaborators to the Tara’s Triple Excellence program.

    The cooperative is founded on the values of transparency and fair trade.

    Each individual statue is hand-made and is steeped in centuries of Newari craftsmanship.

  • 8.5 in by 5.75 in, 3.31 lb