Blazing Splendor

Blazing Splendor is a tale of remarkable human achievement so different from the mundane contemporary world we live in—a glimpse that can inspire and awaken a nobility of heart. Candid and entertaining, each story is a spiritual gem yielding the profound wisdom that Tulku Urgyen embodied. With natural humility, Tulku Urgyen does not draw attention to himself or his own stature, but lets one see the world—and a fascinating pantheon of characters—just as he does: with blunt, often wry, candor. Travelling through the landscape of a society whose greatest wealth was not material but spiritual, Tulku Urgyen’s life story instills a renewed confidence and enthusiasm for the inner life in those who feel imprisoned in a barren, spiritually vacuous society.

In Blazing Splendor we hear an old Tibetan lama in the his last years review the highlights of his life story for one of his oldest Western students, Erik Pema Kunsang, who then translated the tales, and with his wife Marcia Schmidt, compiled them into this volume, with the editors Michael Tweed and Daniel Goleman.