Boudha Stupa Phurbas

  • In 2015, after an earthquake badly damaged the upper part of the stupa, all of the relics and broken materials were removed. Through great fortune, a master craftsman was able to acquire some wood from these remains, and carve these phurbas, ritual daggers that embody the Buddha’s enlightened activity for dispelling obstacles to awakening. As they carry the blessings of this most sacred of stupas, they are truly an object of great rarity and power.

    Made from wood from the Boudha Stupa, our three inch and six inch Boudha Stupa Phurbas carry the blessings of this most sacred of Buddhist monuments. It has been circumambulated millions of times, has been the object of countless aspirations and prayers, and is imbued with the blessings innumerable relics.

  • Stupas are three-dimensional representations of mandalas - the divine abode in which ordinary appearances are transformed into manifestations of enlightened body, speech, and mind. The Boudha Stupa, also called Jarung Kashor, is considered the embodiment of the Buddha’s awakened mind and is continuously visited and circumambulated by devoted pilgrims from around the world, as it is known to fulfill all aspirations.

    Tibetan legend says that Guru Padmasambahva helped his mother build this stupa, in an era long before our present age of Shakyamuni Buddha. A great Tibetan discoverer of treasures rebuilt the Boudha stupa circa 1400 A.D, and revived it as a storehouse for thousands of precious relics, including the bones of Shakyamuni Buddha.

    For more information on the Boudha Stupa, visit Nekhor’s website, and “The History of the Great Stupa”, translated by Lhasey Lotsawa. Namo guru! This great stupa that symbolizes the dharmakaya, The sublime wisdom mind of all the buddhas, That shines bright like the sun throughout all realms of existence and quiescence – “Great Liberation Upon Seeing”, to you I pray!

    — Kyapjé Jamyang Khyentsé Chökyi Lodrö
  • Large: 5.5 in by 1.0 in, 0.91 oz
    Small: 3.0 in by 0.5 in, 0.20 oz