Troma Nakmo Thangka
Troma Nakmo Thangka

Troma Nakmo Thangka

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As skillfully crafted meditation and visualization aids, Buddhist thangkas are central to many Vajrayana practices. Serving multiple purposes, sacred images such as these ensure in the practitioner precision and clarity of visualization. Consecrated by an authentic lineage holder, these images are then imbued with the wisdom, love, and power of the awakened beings they depict, enhancing one’s confidence in and reverence for complete liberation.

Statues, thangkas, texts, and stupas are understood to be the physical representations of the Buddha's body, speech, and mind. They offer support for us to gather the beneficial conditions to enhance the stability and insight of one's meditation practice.

Kunkhyen Tenpe Nyima states in his instructions on meditation practice:

Start out by placing a painting or statue before you, using one made by a skilled artisan and with all the appropriate characteristics. Next, arrange offerings before it and begin with the preliminaries.

Offered in a variety of brocade styles, we have selected the highest quality silk brocade under the guidance of our senior Lamas at Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling.

These thangkas are printed on high quality canvas, ensuring greater longevity and durability. Each detail of our thangkas are in accordance with traditional description and painted by skill artists in connection to our lineage. 

All of our thangkas are either specific to the Chokling Tersar tradition or have been hand selected by the monks and nuns of Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery.

Depicted here is Troma Nagmo (a black form of Vajravarahi) with retinue, the central deity associated with the practice of Chö.


Small - 41 cm by 27 cm, 100 g (without brocade)

Medium - 45 cm by 60 cm, 120 g (with brocade)