Malas and Accessories

Vajrayana is commonly referred to as the vehicle of the secret mantra. Within this vehicle, the enlightened body, speech, and mind of the victorious ones is regarded as the innate nature of all phenomena. It is taught that the recitation of mantra evokes these enlightened qualities. One doha describes mantra recitation as follows:

The enlightened ones, the awakened beings,

The ḍākinīs, and your own queen—

To bring them right before you

Invoke them with mantra.

In this way, the recitation of mantra is central to the practice of the Vajrayana. Rosaries, or malas, serve as a useful support in such practice. Padmasambava, the second Buddha, stated the following regarding the support of rosaries in one’s spiritual practice:

A genuine rosary should accompany you at all times,

Like the body and its shadow.

This is the fundamental samaya of the rosary

Our rosaries are sourced from around asia, east and west. Constructed with 108 beads of the highest quality, the trikaya beads of nirmanakaya, sambogakaya, and dharmakaya, durable cord, and an adjustable knot, our rosaries are a helpful support.